Cartridge value question

Hi I would like to ask about value of the 600/500 experimental antitanexperimental cardidge listed at Engels Auction .

I believe that there is no price for this kind of experimental cartridges… only the price that a bidder who was looking for it for many years will pay!

You do not state what you want to know about the values. As far as auctions go, the value of any cartridge, to specific collectors, is what they are willing to pay for it. It is not a precise science, and that does not mean that some other collector would be willing to pay that same price. It also doesn’t mean that some other collector, if aware of the opportunity to obtain a specific cartridge, would not pay more for it.

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John Moss

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Quoting the late Tony Edwards (

“Late in WWI Britain had started to develop an anti-tank rifle designed by Mr.Godsal of Webley and Scott Ltd., who manufactured the pilot models. These were chambered for the newly developed .600/.500 inch cartridge which was under consideration for Air Service. Development had not progressed far when the war ended and in the immediate post -war period there was neither the funds nor the interest for further work.”

Since funding and interest for the .600/.500 abruptly ended with the end of WW1 examples of this experimental cartridge are not common.


We sold one in our 1998 sale# 2 for $800.00 + B.P., so as the others say, what ever someone is willing to pay for it, drives it home.

Lots of good stuff in this sale of Vic’s.


Basing on spécimens, showed in the ECDV database, coming from the excellent collection of the late Bill Woodin, there are two kind of cartridges designed for an anti-tank’s rifle.
The first one is a rimmed Cartridge with a rounded cupronickeled clad steel jacketed’s bullet headstamped : ELEY 600/500
The second one is a belted Cartridge with a pointed guilding metal clad steel jacketed’s bullet headstamped : ELEY 600/500A

Yes Pete, a lot of really good stuff!!

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Ok thanks for your answers I would like to go up to $1200 plus buers premium. P.

So I will bet 1201$! :-D
I believe, It’s not the place to speak prices about auction’s coming…

1666$, it’s a little more than 1200$!;-)

Just a little bit. :-D

I was looking at it also, but the auction goes too high for me! Good luck!😉

Missed the end.
What did it go for?

Just only 3600$…😯

Glad I collect only shotshells.
The 22 and 23 ga pinfire went for $1735 and $1000
😄😄 much better prices.

It was very crazy. It was completely out of my budget . But on the other site I saved $1666 :-D

Not so bad!😉

Funny, not on the IAA price list :-)

Probably 99.9% of collectable cartridges are NOT on IAA price lists because of the Journal space it would require and the volunteer human power it would require to gather the needed information/data to compile more/larger price lists.

Remember the entire IAA is run by VOLUNTEERS which includes people providing material for the IAA Journal. If you think something should be in the IAA Journal volunteer to help put it in the Journal!



Relax Brian, I said that with a :-) smile (Joke)
I think your reading to many words between the lines that are not there…
Call me at 207-648-4087 if you want to get into an adult discussion .
I am already working on a program for pricing, in between the 60 hours a week
I work on my business (at the age on 70), that has brought in many new members
to the IAA in the last 20 years ago, plus wrote articles in the journal …

Not a single thing in his post was uncalled for, rude, or out of line.
If anything, don’t things so harshly… he has valid points.

And, again, what’s my 1913-mfg. Raufoss 6,5x55 I bought for $2 in Norway worth to someone in Minnesota?