Cartridge watches


I am not sure if we have treated this before but these are nicely made by a Russian watch maker:

Source internet.



Id like one of those made with Makarov cartridges!
Guess that would made the watch a little large and
heavy. Maybe in pocket watch form? :-) :-o

john moss


go “Flava Flav” style


I wonder what TSA would have to say about these???


LOL, yes! That came to my mind too!
Knowing the expertise of such people they’d probably break it right in front of you to have a look!
Here the old German saying would fit “like a pig watching the clockwork”.
Maybe the cases are drilled on the backside?


These watches pictured are one off’s and sell for around $16K USD Pretty expensive BB caps



The first watches are Artya Swiss Made ones and not Russian and guess where Yvan Arpa, the maker, got his ctgs…
STL 6 weeks!