Cartridges and Graceland


When I vistit Graceland (home of Elvis Presley)there were also cartridges on display


Apparently Elvis couldn’t afford a bullet trap. I saw a revolver once at a gun collector’s show (I remember it being a nickel plated short-barreled S&W Model 10), along with a hand-written “permit” signed by Elvis, that he gave one of his female housekeepers. It was worded something like “I give this pistol to Miss Hattie, and it’s OK for her to carry it, Elvis Presley” No idea what that was all about. Wasn’t “The King” made an honorary FBI agent or something back in the Nixon days?


I saw a gold plated PPK for sale online here in the UK a few years ago. It was said to have belonged to Elvis. Being here in the UK, the barrel was welded up, and some other modificaitons done to the pistol to make it unusable.