Cartridges for which Western used the Bullseye box

Does anyone have a list of the centerfire rifle and pistol cartridges for which Western used the Bullseye box? Dagga Boy

Dagga Boy - by the way, Welcome to our web site. You need to define which bullseye Western box you are talking about. There is a style that has just one circle inside another - in essence, two scoring rings - and shows four “bullet holes” in the ten ring. That one was probably used on a number of calibers.

There is one used on .45 and .38 Special match loads that shows a bullseye target with no bullet holes represented, and has about five scoring rings. I have only seen that on .45 ACP 210 grain and 185 grain wadcutter boxes, and on .38 Special 148 grain wadcutter boxes (that bullet weight is by memory). I have three variants of the .45 box in my own collection (all I collect in boxes are auto pistol, no revolver with the except of .45 ACP makred for revolvers).

Thanks for the welcome John. You are quite right my post is imprecise. I am talking about the yellow, blue, red and white box with the outer target ring white and inner ring black with four bullet holes. I believe the box was used from 1927 to 1957. The box is pictured in some of the catalogs in handgun cartridges but was obviously used for several centerfire rifle cartridges. I like the box, have began collecting a few and would like to get some idea of what the universe of these boxes is. Were they reserved for a special class of cartridges? Dagga Boy

I can only help you with auto pistol calibers. I have the following, which I think represents about the full line of Western pistol calibers at the time the boxes were made (I am not sure of those dates, but calibers and loadings were much more limited years ago than they are these days):

.25 Auto (4)
.32 Auto (6)
.30 Luger (2)
.30 Mauser (4)
.380 Auto (2)
.38 Auto (1) (I don’t have .38 Super)
9mm Parabellum (2)
.45 Auto (3)

All are for ordinary ball ammunition, as far as I can tell. The number I show after each caliber are the variations I have of it by quantity. I collect any changes to any part of the labeling, top, ends, sides or bottom.

I am sure it probably exists in all revolver calibers they made as well. I simply have never noticed on rifle boxes - I pay little attendtion to any of them unless they are a pattern of box, either by construction or art work, that I have never seen before.

Sorry my help on this is limited to such a small field. You will get more answers, I am sure.

Thanks much for the list of semiauto pistol cartridges John. Really appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge. I collected a few cartridges as a kid, have recently retired and started collecting again. This time ammo boxes, preferably full of cartridges. Having a lot of fun. The Giles and Schuey book helps with the Winchester boxes but haven’t found much written on Western and Remington boxes.

Dagga…The Western “Target” boxes were made in all the popular rifle calibers of the period…starting in the late 1920’s and going on into the 50’s in some calibers. In .30-40 Krag, I have 9 variations of the box…Like John Moss, I collect all variations of labelling…Randy

Thanks much Randy. Nine variations of the “Target” box in 30/40 Krag in your collection–impressive to say the least. Have you seen the Target" box in any of the high speed 22 centerfires–22 Hornent, 220 Swift, 218 Bee, 219 Zipper?

Any idea what the criteria were in using this box for a particular cartridge or loading as opposed to other box designs current at the time? Dagga Boy