Cartridges on key rings

What’s the best way to get cartridge key rings back to the US? Carry on, checked baggage or mail?

Dave S

PM sent.

I brought a bunch of key rings back into the US from my Australian trip.

Rule 1: if it looks like a cartridge - it is a cartridge. Check-in people, TSA security and customs people are not trained to tell a key ring cartridge from a real cartridge. And, there is no appeal process in place at airports.

Never, ever, put a cartridge key ring in carry-on. Last year someone traveling to the St Louis show had theirs confiscated. They were lucky to be allowed on the plane.

The new International Postal Regulations on “Munitions Components” are so vague that mailing a cartridge key ring could be a violation. To my knowledge, no one has got an official interpretation as it pertains to sporting ammunition components.

Cartridge key rings should go in Checked Luggage and should be labeled as inert cartridges BUT you are still at the mercy of people who are not trained in these things. If you are traveling with an ATF Form 6 then put the cartridge on that list, to be on the safe side.

When I landed at LAX, the customs guy gave me the usual inspection and I asked him about the key rings. His response (a classic) “It depends on how we feel” !!

Chris P.