Cartridges wanted


I know some of these might typically show up at some of the bigger cartridge shows, but being in the middle of the Maine woods I find myself looking to purchase / trade via internet for these:

13.2x92SR Mauser anti tank
6.5 Carcano AP
7.5 French AP
7.5 French API
7.5 Swiss AP
7.5 Swiss API
7.62x25 API (if such a thing is out there?)
7.92x94 Panzerbuchse
13.2x96 Hotchkiss
8x52R / 8mm Siamese AP & gray-tip API

And a specialty cartridge which I’ve only seen a couple of times labeled as a couple different things:

It’s a .45ACP cartridge which I’ve seen listed as either:

FX labs “unicorn”


The “Van Hee experimental aluminum-core discarding sabot / explosive”?