Cascade Internacional CI 9mm ammo


I was looking on the Cascade website and saw some 9mm ammo listed. It is the only centerfire pistol or rifle ammo listed as everything else is rimfire or shotshells. Just average looking 124gr FMJ ball ammo which they market for law enforcement, but I have never seen any of it anywhere. Would the headstamp be anything, or just loaded by Aguila?


Cascade Cartridge Internacional, S.A. de C.V., San Luis Potosí, S.L.P., México,
is a separate firm that used to make their own product. In 1984, a price list from
the company shows in CF Cartridges, the following:
.38 Super (Auto)
.38 Special (Jacketed bullet)
.38 Special (Lead bullet)
.32 for Guns (unplated)
.32 for Guns (Nickel Plated) (I have no idea what “for Guns” is supposed to signify!)
9 mm
.38 S&W (Jacketed bullet)
.38 S& W (Lead bullet)
.38 Special Wad Cutter
.357 Lead Bullet
.357 Jacketed Bullet

Under the heading of “Approximate Gross Weight” (for shipping purposes), they show the .32 Auto cartridge, but not any .32 Revolver cartridge. However, in the pictorial catalog,
they show .32 SW Long Revolver cartridge as well as the .32 Auto.

There was some working agreement with CCI of Idaho, but I am not sure of the
details. there is a 9 mm Para with headstamp C.C.I. 9 mm definitely made by
Cascade Internacional of México. They were not marketed here, and the headstamp
is quite rare in the USA. I have only an unprimed empty case, but likely fired, since
it shows remnants of a three-stab primer crimp. Perhaps even rarer is the C.C.I. 380
AUTO round (mine is a loaded cartridge) made in México by C.I., also not marketed
in the U.S. I don’t know the reason why CCI of Idaho chose not to market them.

My collection also has a .380 Auto round, not shown on the one factory list I have, but
with the C.I. 380 AUTO headstamp, as well as various 9 mm Luger, a .32 Auto round and
a .38 Super round (headstamped C.I. .38 AUTO but in a nickeled case).

None of the C.I. auto pistol-caliber rounds ever appeared in the USA in much quantity, and
they are not seen too often these days.

I know nothing about their more or less current manufacture of 9 mm. My 2015 list off of
the computer doesn’t show any CF pistol cartridges at all. Does anyone know if the box
shown on this thread is being exported to the USA?

edited to correct date of CI ammo list.

John Moss

They also show primers with the note (Equivalent to Remington 1.5)


They are currently making 9 mm Parabellum, .38 Special and .380 Auto, but as far as I know they are using brass from other manufacturers and Spanish language boxes. For example, the .380 Auto is headstamped “. X-TREME . 380 AUTO”.