Case for ID, 13,5 rim


I have a case for the ID - on the photo comparison to standard MESKO made 7x57r and x7x65r.

rim - 13,5 mm [7x57r/7x65r - 13,2mm]
rim height - 1,53 mm [ --//-- - 1,2 - 1,3 mm]
length - 55,65 mm [probably cut]

Upper and middle diameter smaller than the above-mentioned cases.
Looks like a unfinished case from tests, before turning the rim / groove.



It is an unfinished .303 British case, but may have been left this way at the factory to be used on special purpose applications. For example, PMP of South Africa made full length cases without a headstamp to be loaded as percussion tubes and also for primer tests.

Do you know the origin?



Hmm, my one idea is a unfinished 7x57R, but strange is the smaller diameter upper part, and larger diameter of rim.

Its from Mesko, i have only one case without h/s.