Case ID Help?

I have an empty brass case with an empty Boxer primer pocket, no headstamp. Case Length: 61.55mm(2.423in), Rim: 11.89mm(.468in), Head: 11.82mm(.466in), Case Mouth ID: 6.84mm(.269in), Case Mouth OD: 7.62mm(.300in).
Can someone ID it for me?

Could be a .256 US FA XPL from late 20’s - early 30’s.


I’ll have to check HWS later tonight. Anyone have it handy to check?

It’s not far from a .256 Newton, but the OA length seems a touch short. Jack

It’s just a case, no bullet, so there is no OA length, just case length.

Jon: I meant of the case; I’d been thinking of the length of case body and neck length too so was homing in on the length of the base to mouth distance. Is it a fired case? Jack

To be honest with you, I’m not 100% sure. I’ll see if I can post some clear pics of it.

Awful close to the .256 Bang.

Sure looks like a .256 Newton. As Jack said, just a wee bit short (my .256 Newton measures 2.455") but it looks like it’s been fired so it may have been trimmed also.

The .256 Newton was originally the 25-50-117 Newton (the original 25 Niedner), a wildcat, that Newton changed slightly and increased the bullet diameter to 6.5mm. Very possible that early cases were not headstamped.

Just a SWAG, however.


Funny, but it looks more “fired” in the pics than it does “live”.
Ray, was there any evolutionary connection between the .256 Bang and .256 Newton?

Johnny,can you give shoulder diameter please.
Ray,there certainly were unheadstamped 256 Newton.
In ECRA Database the 256 Newton’s shoulder diameter vary from 10.73mm to 11.02mm.
There is also a 256 Unknown FA xpl from Woodin lab with shoulder diameter of 11.24mm (fired case) and a 256 US xpl FA (not Bang) also from Woodin lab with shoulder diameter of 11.15mm both with other measurements close to Johnny’s case.


No direct connection as far as I know. But the 1920s and 1930s were a time of popularity of 25 and 26 caliber wildcat cartridges and Army guys like Whelen and Hatcher were wildcatters at heart so they were well aware of the trends. Given the powders of the time, they were a well balanced combination. So, the 25 Remington, 7mm Mauser, and shortened 30-06 and 30-40 cases would be a natural choice.


I measured the shoulder diameter at a few different points, ranging from a low of 11.17mm to 11.20mm. At this point, from the posted info, it appears to be a bit more interesting than a Newton.
Any other thoughts? I’ll post any new info I get.

In response to an e-mail request;
The neck length is about 10.25mm.

A few thou here and there. Allowance for fired expansion?


Close, but not close enough to light up any cigars yet. Some of the measurements seem too far off. Uncle Bill is checking it out…more to follow.


Keep us posted. Let’s hope it’s a rare experimental that Bill has been looking for. Of course, I’ve heard that he has one of EVERTHING so . . .

Even an blind old dog finds a buried bone once in a while. ;) ;)


Thanks Ray…uh…wait…are you calling me a blind, old dog??? I’ll have you know I just got a new set of tri-focals!

I took a closer look at this case today and found an odd ring etched or pressed into the side at mid-case. Does this add anything to the discussion?

Didn’t ammo pressure tests where a hole was drilled out of the barrel leave a circular mark?