Case ID

40mm x 101 ??, 30x100 xm193 wecom? , 24x100mm ?? , 20x139

#1 pls show the hs.

#3 is a flare gun case. For an exact caliber id (as per the official designation) the hs and the rim diameter and thickness would be needed and also the diameter above the rim.

Any chance to see the hs of #4 ?

3rd case marked $100. Someone was smokin crack

#3 rim 2mm, OD 28.5mm, case 26.5mm OD above rim

Are those tubby like short things in the background Shillelagh cartridges?

I wish! o, 40mm

Jesse, what is the rim/head/neck/inside mouth diameter of this “40x101” case? It looks like a cut-down 27.5 mm made by Amron, who also made the other two aluminum cases.

I’ll get better info tonight. The case on right is steel, not Aluminum.

Big case base diameter is 45mm, rim is 3mm
It’s been cut off so it’s height varies from 101 to 102 mm. I think somebody cut a case and made a pen holder out of it or something.


Yes, it is a cut-down 27.5 mm case made by Amron for the GE Bushmaster trials (likely a 27.5 x 140 mm).

Seeing #3 from below my thought is now on 1" aiming tubes or Nordenfelt.

Is it correct that this is a brass case?

1" aiming is same size as Nordenfelt? If so, I’ll compare it.

Yes, it’s brass.

Bummer, I would have loved to have the real case.

Jestertoo, yes the 1" Nordenfelt should be the same as the 1" aimimg rifle.

Just that there are variations in their priming system.
You may do a search here (or web) to see them all.

Nice! You seem to have something else!