Case (?) ID

I have no idea what it can be. Only I know it’s soviet thing from 1942. Screw-in primer. Headstamps: 474 4(У?)T-36 14-42г. Dimensions on photo. Thanks for any help!


If it were US I would say an artillery primer. I’ve never pulled any Soviet primers from that era, but it certainly looks close.

Google translation from Russian to English, web page concerning artillery primers:

Yes, it is the “UT-36” artillery primer. Used in a row of 152mm, 180mm and 203mm guns.
There do exist variants of this one like the predecessor “UT” where the primer is normally seated “visible”. The one here has the primer inside an extra threaded cup shaped protector.
There are also other variants for other applications and I think the navy had an own version.

EIDT: sorry for repeating Brian, I started the answer and searching docs took me too long…

Here a cutaway:

Here a clearer headstamp:

Here a variant, the UTT-41:


Image source: & internet

Thank you for help! That’s it. But as always i have to ask. Who was manufacturer under 474 code?

I doubt it is 474. Let’s ask EOD.

Dirk, way too much confidence in me!

But accidentally I happen to know that #474 is “Factory for Music Instruments Named 5-year Anniversary of October” of Sverdlovsk.
They existed from 1907 till 1945 when they were subsidized by factory #214 (aircraft engines and instruments) and this way ceased to exist under an own name.


I’m sorry, Alex…Thought it was some cryptic Cyrillic you could decipher…

Nah, just simple figures so even I could read them. :)

And for those who care here some variants which are going back to the roots of it all and ending in the assumingly latest variant.

Here the early pull-friction version of Ivanov.

Here the back then “modern” electic version, also of Ivanov.

And here the GUT-5 which is a combined electro-percussion primer. (unfortunately no better image quality)

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