Case neck letters on Remington-UMC .22 short RF

I am trying to determine all of the letters that were stamped into the cases of Remington-UMCs .22 short and long rim fire cartridges, just below the case mouth. I know they were used after the merger of the two companies and prior to their incorporation, as I have a box of these with the ‘S’; UMC may have used them as well prior to the merger, and they may have been used after incorporation. I believe the ‘S’ stood for smokeless. In addition, there was an ‘L’ (Lesmok), a ‘G’ (greased), and a ‘U’ (ungreased). What others were used? Also, were these limited to .22 rim fire?

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Enough of that touchy-feeling stuff. Re: the rimfire case markings: Wasn’t there a thread on the different markings some time back? Maybe on the previous forum? I have no idea what key words you could enter into the search function to find it. I’ve never had much luck searching for anything unless I knew the author’s name.

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FWIW, I always thought the “S” and “L” meant short and long but I’ve been told that I am wrong. It won’t be the first time. Or the last.


There was a checklist of the marks & a bit of history about them in a back issue of the IAA Journal, Will Adye-White was the author.

see issue 464/50

Pete, Thanks for pointing out where to find the list; I knew i has seen it somewhere but wasn’t turning up anything with my searches.

Ray, Like you, I can’t manage to ever get much out of my forum searches.

Here is the thread with Ron Merchant’s table of letters and meanings viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9484&p=68337&hilit=letters+.22+short#p68337