Case of Winchester 30 Luger blue boxes lot A 20

I was questioned today about what to do with a full, original wooden case of Winchester 30 Luger in the 1927 style blue boxes. Lot # looks to be A 20, which I cannot find. Anyone help with a date?
Not sure what to tell him… He is not a cartridge collector, but I told him If it were mine I would sit on it another 5-10 years. Anyone out there collect full cases as a collection? Unlikely.

There should be a code inside the end flap of the individual boxes. Let me know what that code is and I can help you.

The A20 indicates this ammo was made by Western and loaded in the crate in Feb 1930.


Thanks, Lew. I should have reference for the flap lot# and will have him open a box. The info you shared will be a help.

I just had it pointed out to me that I screwed up the date I provided above. The fact is there is no evidence that I know of that Olin/Western had any business relationship before 1931 when Winchester went into receivership and was bought by Olin.

Winchester Repeating Arms Company went into receivership in 1931 and was bought at bankruptcy auction by the Olin family’s Western Cartridge Company on December 22 of that year.

It is extremely unlikely that Western made ammo for Winchester almost two years before they had any business relationship.

In fact, the probable date is Feb 1940. This blue box style had been replaced by the Blue & Yellow box by then, but 9mm Luger ammo shows up in Blue boxes with 1940 load dates.

In fact, this could be Feb 1950 ammo since Western loaded 9mm Luger in blue boxes in 1951.

Check the headstamps on the cartridges. If they are headstamped WRACo they are 1940 loads, but if the headstamp is WRA then they are 1950 loads.

Sorry for the mistake and thanks to the smart guy who pointed it out to me.


I didn’t catch that either, and I’m a Winchester Western buff! I remember from one of your earlier posts (or an article) that you noted the blue box was used after WWII for some calibers. I’ve seen this overlap in a couple of other W-W box styles, too.

Cheers to learning something every day!