"CASH" Captive Bolt Pist. Cartridges


Was given this box as a gift this past Christmas. It is a bit out of my line but rather interesting (to me anyway). There are 46 rounds left in the box (they have no headstamp, just like the box says) and the grease is still in the box and has not been used. Made me wonder, does anyone specialize in tool cartridges? I have guesstimated this box to be circa 1950’s. Can anyone narrow this down?


There was a topic like this before, these are slaughter house blanks which drive a captive nail out of the gun into animal’s head.


Thanks for the input sksvlad, I will have to try and find that thread. I have had to use one (humane killer) once before when I worked on a farm.

Forgot to mention they are 22 rimfire.
Accles & Shelvoke LTD. are still making the pistols, I just found there web site. According to it “Accles & Shelvoke Ltd specialise in the manufacture and supply of precision engineered cartridge powered tools.”

On the box as it is red on blue and might be hard to see, right under


It reads:


11 Score should be 220 lbs if I remember correctly.

Can any one date it?


Look for March 14,2007 posting by Jean-Pierre called “Kynoch box”.