Casing found in rural VA

Hey, I’m new to this forum and apologize if there’s a different appropriate place to be posting this question.

I found what I think is a brass casing in my backyard in the outskirts of Richmond, VA with my metal detector. It has a headstamp of what appears to be an eagle with two stars at its feed and one above its head. Happy to post more photos, but it’s extremely faint and hard (for me at least) to make out. Any help you can provide is appreciated!

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A side view and a shot from the other end would be helpful. It is possible this isn’t a cartridge case, but rather a metal cap or ferrule of some type. Jack

That is a lipstick tube.


For cartridge collectors unfortunately this is not a cartridge case. I suspect it is one part (cap) of a 2 piece container for something like sewing needle, a very early lipstick tube or ???
Also as Jack said in his post above it could be ferrule.

It is an interesting item and with the stylized eagle it could date to the 1800’s.


Thanks so much for all of the replies. That makes sense. I’ll narrow my search down. Thought it was weird that it had no obvious primer or headstamp…

Thanks for your help!

The crowned eagle is a trademark of Coty. Here you can see a similar tube in this ad from the early 1950s.

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Fede, you get major points for tracking that down.


That’s amazing. Really appreciate you taking the time to track that down for me Fede, especially given it’s not cartridge-related.


What? Now seriously, tell us you have a file listing lipstick containers:-)



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Perhaps your info on Lipstick cases is not completely unrelated to ammunition?

Popular ammunition lore holds that brass Lipstick cases were used to make ammunition in Israel during its early years. I do not recall seeing any documented research on this but can’t say I’ve looked for it either.


I was in Israel in January and had a (VERY COOL) tour of the underground facility where they made 9mm during / for the war of independence and yes they did use the lipstick cases sent to them from other countries for bullet jackets as I remember.