Casing ID


Please forgive me if I am in the wrong place. I just have one question. I do not know anything about guns and ammo. I found this. Can anyone identify it? I looked through some online sources, but could not understand their systems. Thank you for your help and patience. Casing has this on top:

C 7 5 7 clockwise. Can you respond to my email also so we can talk about it if responses do not go to it automatically?


Hello Tom

A good picture of your object would be very helpful.


I was unable to figure out how to attach a photo before. Here it is. Thank you.


Thank you for your patience. I was unable to find a place to attach a photo to my post. Here is the headstamp of the casing. Thank you. Tom


Is this true stuff? A military friend told me this:
"That hard of a hit on the primer is definitely not from an American made rifle. Our pin strikes aren’t quite that hard and are usually centered on the primer, I say Usually but not always.

**I can tell you with certainty that t****he Letter C on the Head stamp isn’t a US mark, and the way the primer was sealed isn’t ours either.

Our propellant’s do not leave a white residue, usually a greenish blue color. White would indicate a foreign made propellent.**

It’s of Soviet Manufacture from of the Simbirsk Cartridge Factory. The Soviets loaded 30.06 ammunition for communist insurgencies world wide. But stopped doing so in about 1975.

**Soviet made propellant’s leave a whitish residue which this casing contains.

Its Soviet in lieu of the number code arrangements. 7 5 7. Factory # 7 1957. That’s my best findings. What it is doing here in the US is anyone’s guess but none of that was imported back then or even now.**


So it’s 30-06? Can you give the overall length of the case? Is it magnetic? It seems steel to me.Maybe we call in the specialists! (René?)
And what it does in America? Ammunition travels around the world, it’s as simple as that…


Your “military” friend is either having fun with you or knows nothing about ammunition, and likely little about anything military-particularly Soviet ammo codes.

The code is “LC” for “Lake City” Ammunition Factory. Government owned and contractor operated, currently by Federal I believe. It has been in operation since at least WWII. It is normal 30-06 case made at Lake City in 1957.

You could use a different “friend” to give you advise. Glad you came to our Forum. Lots of guys here that could give you much more detail information on this round and Lake City than I can.



Amazing what people do tell others when they actually know themselfes that they are clueless!


Tom- It is an easy mistake to make. Just turn the case a bit and you will see this is a perfectly normal looking Lake City 1957 (LC 57) headstamp. (Straigh legs on the “L” and a slight curve to the vertical staff of the “7”.)
Firing pin location is well within normal tolerances.
It looks like oxidized brass, perhaps as a result of being in a fire (even a trash fire), but there was some ammo made with steel cases in the mid 1950s.

I don’t see anything which would make this much more than a nice souvenir item, but cash value is pennies.


Well, I will leave this forum now. The friend is retired CIA and military, is what I guess you call a “mercenary” nowadays, was Navy Seal, has been in Special Ops, does a lot of work with guns and ballistics, is a “Black Water” member, whatever that is, etc. It was also found in an interesting place. So I sincerely appreciate you helping me. I will certainly integrate it with all the other information I have been collecting. If he is right, this is a serious and important issue, and if he is not, I have a nice souvenir, given its provenance. I will leave your forum now, but I sincerely thank for your help!!