Catalog Downloads (MAJOR CHANGE)

There has been a major change with Roger and my Catalog Download site. Due to space limitations on our server we have had to take the catalogs off the server. However, ALL the catalogs are still available. Now, instead of you being able to directly download what you want you can go to our website at and I will send your catalogs to you by attachment to an email. While there is no limit to how many catalogs you can request, it would be helpful if you try to keep your request to 5 or less at a time. Also, because of the 10 MB limit of most email packages, large catalogs may have to be split into 2 or more parts.

An alternative is have me burn you a DVD of the catalogs you want. There would be a charge of $5.00 for U.S. addresses ($10.00 for non-U.S.) to cover the cost of the disk and mailing. We currently have 2.66 GB of catalog files available, so ALL the catalogs could be put on one DVD. Or, if you are only interested in one company, such as Peters, I could do all the Peters files.

We apologize for the inconvenience of the new changes, but we felt this would be better than losing access to the catalogs altogether.

NOTE: the Dunn Upgrade is still available for direct download at

I would recommend that the IAA Board consider if hosting these on the IAA server is something they would like to do, since these are fantastic reference materials. If Ron and his crew are not going to do this as a profit making venture, then IAA would not be supporting a “for profit” business, and the subject matter is public domain, and widely useful.

Space limitations are not an issue with most hosting services any more, so this may an easy fix with no actual added cost to IAA.

Worth looking at.

Probably the recent .50 BMG and .223 checklists as well if someone wanted IAA to host them.

JohnS–If that would be possible, that would be great. As for the “for profit” angle, Roger and I discussed doing this project as a money maker venture before we posted the 1st catalog, but in the end we both decided it was not worth the effort to charge for it. We decided that we were both much more interested in doing it to preserve these fragile catalogs which are becoming more and more rare as copies are destroyed by flood, fire, tornado and just old age. We are both glad that we can contribute to our hobby in some small way. I am retired and as long as others are willing to let me borrow their catalogs, I don’t mind putting in the hours to scan them.

Having them available on line for people to download themselves similar to how Roger had them before this change would certainly be better for everyone involved. Unless the demand becomes too great, I’m willing to make them available as I outlined in my previous post, but having them on the IAA Homepage would be better. Plus, it might serve as an allure to get more collectors involved with the web version of the IAA. Unless it had to be done for legal issues concerning the IAA’s IRS status, I would prefer, if they were put on the IAA server, that there NOT be any restrictions to their download to IAA members only.

John, I would appreciate if you could follow up on this idea with the appropriate people. It strikes me as a winner for both Roger and I and the IAA.


We can definitely put them on the website. I want more content under the research section anyway.

Aaron–Please email me so we can work out the details of getting this done.

Woah! I was waiting for the whole winchester catalogs publication before starting download…

I have already downloaded all the other catalogs and saved them in a CD-ROM

Pivi–The Winchester catalogs won’t be ready to go online for at least 2-3 weeks. I currently have about 30 of them scanned and have perhaps 25+ more to do.