Catalog Help

I have hesitated for months to post this, as I don’t like asking others to go to a lot of work for me. I have decided to go hat in hand, however.

I maintain my library not only for my own use, but to help others. I charge no one, including LE Agencies, etc. for any work I do for them from that library, even if it means making many copies and mailing things out at my expense. I am glad to do this.

I have a huge hole in my library by not having a single Remington catalog from befor 1950. It has hampered me trying to research many things for many people, including several instances lately.

I am not asking people send me original catalogs. We all like to have them, but I understand fully they are now collectors items more than just information, and since I need only information, an original catalog is not that important to me. If anyone, though, has any pre-1950 catalog already scanned (I do not want to ask people to scan them speficially for me), and could send the scans of the entire catalogs to my email address, I would appreciate it.

I know this is asking a lot, and I apologize for that. It remains, though, the worst gap in my entire library. I do not have a good library of any pre-WWII catalogs other than Winchester, and that because of the 12 volume set of reprints that I purchased, but Remington represents the biggest hole.

I thank anyone in advance for any assistance they may give me.

John-Patience, my good man. You have been on my list to receive a CD of ALL the UMC and Remington catalogs that I have gathered together from 1865 to 2009. I already have all that I have (about 80% of the years) scanned. The collection is 100% complete (except for 1992 and 2003) from 1929 to 2009. I do not have a retail catalog for every year, but I do have at least a dealers price list or some list for every year. From 1865 to 1928 I am about 78% complete. I know a guy who has 75% of the ones I am missing but he does not have the time to copy them for me. He says if I come to his house, I am welcome to copy them myself. I’m hoping to do that this spring. With his catalogs added to what I currently have I will only be missing about 20 catalogs.

Before I get flooded with requests for this CD, I plan to make it available to the IAA members, but, unfortunately, not for free. I have put well over 1500 hours into scanning almost 10,000 pages. I have not decided on the price, but it will be reasonable. It will not be available until this summer.

This is why I enjoy this hobby!

Ron - thank you. I knew you were wroking on something, but I didn’t know exactly what. I will look forward to it. I am happy to hear about UMC being on their too, as I have little from them.