Catalog "Manufacture Française D' Armes", 1895; Ammunition Pages

Pages from the 1895 French catalog Manufacture Française D’ Armes pertaining to ammunition. Split into two PDF’s so it could be loaded here on the forum. Enjoy!

Manufacture Française D’ Armes, 1895; a.pdf (6.5 MB)

Manufacture Française D’ Armes, 1895; b.pdf (6.6 MB)



Thanks Brian – nice catalogue and now I have two “new” .450’s to look for – firework loads!!

Do you know if there is any evidence inside the catalogue that would support the “1895” handwritten on the first page ? I’m not saying it isn’t 1895 but I am always sceptical/wary of such annotations.

Thanks again,
Chris P.

It is 1895. Sure

give me the pages numbers about the two 450 ctges you are interested in.
I will check if I have the drawings

Hi Chris,

I have an original copy and is dated March 1895 at the end of the index section.



Brian, thanks a lot for sharing.
I am surprised to see a rifle for the 8 mm Lebel (balle M as we call it today) being offered. My understanding was that France prohibited military caliber weapons for civilians and lifted this ban only in recent times.

It seems the ban was not yet in effect in 1895. Does anyone know the year it was introduced?

In April 1939 because they were affraid of a revolution.
And in Mai 1940 they prohibited all the firearms (including shotguns) !!


Great to hear you found some additional cartridges to add to the .450 quest!

The entire catalogue is available online here:


Thank you all very much for the info, and confirmation.
JP: the 450 fireworks cartridges are on page 247. The drawings would be nice if you have them.
Chris P.

thank you for the information. I am a little surprised that it was as late as 1939.

Regarding a ban of all firearms, this happened in Germany already right after WW1. Due to the civil war like circumstances, nobody cared. Later the ban was limited to military firearms.

P.S. Those who intend to download the entire catalogue should be prepared to receive a 132 Megabyte file. But in my view it is worth the effort.

Thanks for the catalogue, I was looking for a reason to study French again!