Good day friends,
I’m a budding collector.
We can get some catalog and information of American munitions in printed form. I’m from Czech Republic
Thank you and have a nice day.


Welcome to the Forum.

Here are a few online catalogs:


Welcome Kurovec
Are you looking for books?

I would suggest joining the ERCA and the IAA, if your not already a member as books are often offered there, also go to cartridge shows as books and publications are found at them.

There is a long book list on this site under the Reference heading. (bottom). Several internet sites sell books try and
Also don’t be afraid to ask here for opinions about a book(s) your considering.

Being a budding collector your wise to search out books and catalogs. However a warning about catalogs, their are very often faults in them, perhaps a headstamp drawing or mention of a load that never got into production, so just verify anything you see in a catalog. There are also faults in books too, noting is perfect, just be aware.
You might like to specialize in one area or go for everything, but you will soon find this is an enormous undertaking so set your self some limits.

Hope this is of use & help

Hi Pete,
thank you for your advice, I see that you knew. I am a beginner already have some books I have published in the Czech Republic and a catalog of Czech munitions races. I’m looking for info where I can. I’m getting more interested in shotgun ammunition. It is an interesting and extensive area. Now I got a catalog from Rws and Geca with a super cool approach and terribly helpful people. From where you are and what you want, I’d like to meet more people to learn more and exchange experiences.
Thank you for your feedback
And have a nice day

Howdy Zdenek
Glad to help. I’m in the USA, Prescott Arizona. & I also collect shotshells (among other things) & have, I’d guess, several thousand. But remember I’ve been doing it for quite a few years. I especially like British shotshells having once worked for a London gun & rifle maker, but I find them all of interest, even the new plastic-hulled ones.
Keep on searching, & good collecting.