Catalogue age, please

I don’t see the year of print in this catalogue!!!

Hey Vlad

Considering the address has a ZIP code, it would have been printed after 1963.


I have all of Jim’s catalogs and I always marked the date I received them. If I get ambitious I’ll try to dig them out. How bad do you need an exact date? It is about 1966. Is that close enough.

Thanks, 1966 will do, I just wanted to have a ballpark date.


If you’re looking for a ballpark date, I think Yankee Stadium was built in 1923. ;) ;)



Very nice. Do you have that one to look at? If you do it would be great if you could mention a couple interesting items perhaps to tease us on what it would be like to go back to that time.


Perhaps Vlad was just looking for someone to go to the game with?

I miss the old Yankee Stadium (back when the monuments were still in fair play in center field)…



Aha! You read the word “date” a lot different than I did. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I know. I know. I said I wouldn’t use that joke anymore. But it’s too good to stop.


Yankee what?

The old and the new

Ammunition-wise, I think I see a few spent 9mmP casings in that one photo. It is the Bronx…


Dave, this is the back of the catalogue. It is 33 pages long, has mostly lists but some photos too. Do you want to see the entire catalogue?


PM me on the whole thing part, if you would. I was just thinking for the Forum it would be neat to get a “blast from the past” on what the cartridge collector scene was like in ca.1966! Very nice item.



It never gets old. I still LOL.

I have Catalog No4 (“Varmints take notice”) and the date is shown in the header of page 1 as:

March 1964
James C. Tillinghast

I have a number of the Tillinghast Auction Catalogs which started in 1983 but not the “Cartridge for Collectors” #4A but maybe the date is inside ??

Sorry, guys, I screwed up, it says “June 1965” but is a small script. My mistake. I’ll post the entire catalogue manana, takes a lot of scanning.

Yankee Stadium, is that like a posh cricket pitch ?

Jim was the first cartridge dealer I ever heard of, and I got those catalogs from him back in 1968. Sure wish those prices were valid today…lots of bargains then.

Got to post this just so you guys & girls know that I’ve been selling Jim’s collection at auction for over 13 years now & still lots & lots & lots of goodies to go.
If you want a postcard notice when the next sale is ready, let me know & I’ll put you on the list to get a notice.
Please use the below e-mail button and not a PM. Thank you.

Pete- Quit making the post office rich. Post the auction info (or a teaser) on the IAA Buy-Sell-Trade forum. You can send people who ask for it a catalog by email and save printing costs too. And attract more customers…