Catalogues to be Auctioned

From our friends in New Zealand:

Catalogue auction list.

100s of early British, American and European firearms and ammunition catalogues to be auctioned by postal bids. Most 1910-1940. Winchester, Remington, Savage, Peters, Mossberg, Marbles, Western, Du Pont, AH Fox, UMC, ICI, Midland Gun Co, Parkers, Parker & Hale, WJ Jeffery, BSA, John Rigby, Webley & Scott, Mullerite, Eley, Kynoch, Nobel, Bentley & Playfair, A.E. Bayliss, C Pavey, Charles Boswell, Hammer, Martin Pulverman, Wm Cashmore, Rowland Watson, RWS, DWM, George Knark, Norma, Mauser, FN, Browning, William Grah, Schroeder Fréres, LACO, Christoph Funk, Theate Freres, Simson, Janssen Fils, Bayard, Greifelt, Akah, F Dumoulin, Stogos and more. An amazing collection from an old gunshop.

kevan.walsh @ to request a free,
emailed, illustrated catalogue, or send a letter to: K. Walsh, NZCCC
Secretary, 4 Milton Road, Northcote Point, Auckland 0627, New Zealand, to
receive a mailed, illustrated, auction listing (send equivalent of approx
US$5 to cover postage and printing). Postage and payment easily arranged.
Auction to be completed by end of July 2012. Under the auspices of the New
Zealand Cartridge Collectors Club.

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