Category 5 Ammunition

Has anyone heard of the term, “Category 5” ammunition? I was watching a Discovery or Military Channel show that briefly talked about military Category 5 ammunition being available to some police forces. They showed 3 small arms rifle rounds that were AP and one was saboted. They barely talked about it and mentioned the extreme velocities of the projectiles as being why they are called Cat 5. I have never heard of this term / classification before.


Just a guess- It may be related to body armor penetration standards. I believe that military/police body armor is rated for effectiveness against “threat levels (not sure if that is exactly the correct name)” 1,2,3,4,5. There is some sort of MILSPEC or federal specification that spells it all out.

Thanks John. That actualy makes allot of sense. I’ll go with that :-) Thank you.


THe scoop on this is here:

That is great Rich!

Thank you so much. I still wish their was a legend to that pdf that breaks down these classifications explaining what each category covers or what separates one category from the other. That was really informative & big time interesting.


If your reference is the link posted (French customs= douane), category 5 has nothing to see with armor piercing ammo but with the kind of gun you want to hunt with.
One category means smooth barrel, the other one means riffled barrel.