Catridge drawings/paintings

Not some fancy trench art or nice box artwork that is.

So lately I figured I needed to take up drawing and painting again to relieve stress from work and life and whatnot. I couldn’t figure out subject matter, so I set up some pinfires and decided to draw them with just pencil. These were a quick little sketch. I’m also working on a shotshell box still life that I’m painting, it’s probably 1/3 done.

I think I’ll do a series from my collection with a mix of single cartridges and groupings like this.





I like it! Very nice way to combine 2 hobbies…

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Thank you! I think I’ll keep it up, it seems to help a lot with the day-to-day.

Very nice drawings. Please keep posting when you make more.

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Nice work Strelok. Here is a painting of some 45 acp’s I just finished.45acp


Jeez I need to step my game up!! What type of paint to you work with?

This one is done in acrylic

Very nice, I used to enjoy painting a lot with oils using glasing, so I jumped right in with that, but I’ve got a pencil drawing and an ink drawing going as well. Never did much experimentation with metallic objects, so this will be interesting

Well, keep up the good work. I paint for a living so I get a lot of practice. I was heavily influenced by the work of Ralph Goings. And being a cartridge collector my subject matter was an easy decision.

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Right, I couldn’t think of a subject, then it just popped into my head, "what do I have a lot of that would be fun to paint? "

Thank you, do you have a website or gallery?

Sorry, no website or gallery.

Thanks for posting. It is nice to see other peoples talents. Keep up the good work.

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Here’s another one


Neat! Thanks for sharing!

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