CAVIM Battle Pack 7.62x51

I recently acquired a battle pack of this and after noticing one of the rounds severely corroded I decided to open the pack and inspect them all. The pictures speak for themselves but what spiked my curiosity is why some of the rounds had paint; why were there headstamps covering a decade (1978-1988); and why there was ammo in there apparently from Yugoslavia! There was no lot numbers printed on any of the boxes. Any comments are welcome to this strange issue.

Not sure I see paint? Water damage plus poor storage stains / corrosion yes.

One Round in Middle of pile, Red ( Carmine) paint.
Pretty crappy surface Corrosion.

Will come off with brass/ steel wool.
Primers ??? May be water damaged.
Shoot and see. DEFINITELY bolt action only.
Doc AV

There seems to be red paint splashed in a few… The whole lot looks like it was put together very hastily.

Waaaay too much work. Out of the 100 rounds I saved ten only. Besides, I would never shoot this crappy ammo in anything. Never had good luck with Venezuelan ammo at all.

Yes…. seems that way. There were 4 or 5 total throughout the battle pack. Again, very strange. Also when pulling the bullets from the severely corroded ones I noticed a difference in powders from 84-86 time period whereas the earlier powered appeared more grainy and the newer powder more flakey. I should have taken pictures as I was doing it.

Indeed an interesting 7.62x51 HS you got there Henry!
Boxes are interesting too, do they have lot numbers?

Looks like surplus and left overs that were sold for a profit rather than disposing of it.

Can you show all the different headstamps from these boxes maybe?

Hi Henry, interesting repack, thanks for posting. The 88 7.62x51 is a 1988 contract for Venezuela delivered to CAVIM. They also received .30 Cal. cartridges using the same headstamp layout (88 .30-06).



Well I never knew that so much info could come from so much garbage. I managed to save the best one from each headstamp so here it goes:

From left to right is:
CAVIM 86 (Tracer?)
88 7.62x51
PPU 89 (Yugo)

The CAVIM 86 appears to be a tracer load, it was the only one in the pack with a red tip (albeit faded) and a ribbed cannelure, of which I don’t know the significance other than it being different from the rest. I will go back to the brass pile and see if there’s other head stamps I missed.

I was able to salvage 5 more head stamps.

From left to right:

Henry, thanks a lot! Excellent selection of headstamps!