Cavim facility blows up


One of Cavim’s main depots caught fire and there were many explosions apparently.
I wonder if it was where munitions were stored? If their website is to be believed, then the only cartridges they are currently producing are 9mm, 38spl, and 12ga.


Shows you what Socialism does for a country. CAVIM ammunition used to be absolutely first drawer quality. Their 7 x 57 mm shoots like match ammo in my 7 mm Mauser. Now, that’s about the worst web site I have ever seen. The music must be picked specifically to torture the senses of the Yanquis. I could only find 12 Gauge on it. CAVIM used to make a full line of military pistol and rifle ammunition. I have a lot of specimens of 9 mm Para and a few in other calibers as well, like 7.65 mm Browning.

Now, they can’t even, it seems, maintain safety standards at their factory and evidently they have reduced their line originally, as it seems from what I read that they have lost a lot of good contracts for one reason or another.

Too bad. I got a few of my CAVIM 9 mm from the Venezuelan Secret Service guys who visited our store to buy gun stuff they couldn’t get a home. The President of that country was visiting San Francisco. These are they guys that Jeff Cooper mentioned once, without naming them, as agents who carried Browning HP Pistols cocked and UNLOCKED, and had no accidents doing it. Not like the US DEA Instructor who just had an AD in a classroom full of kids showing them gun safety. He forgot the gun was loaded!!! I saw the “savety off” brownings first hand, when they took them out to try them in holsters. I wouldn’t do it. Nice guys all, and while they didn’t understand the concept of cartridge collecting, when I offered to swap them 9 mm rounds for some of theirs, they told me they had plenty and each one gave me one out of his clip. I was flabbergasted they would do that. The only thing, they went out in their car and took the rounds out. Several variations and dates. I was in Cartridge Collector Heaven, as “VEN” headstamps were almost unknown here on 9 mm at the time.

Hope those guys survived the transfer of power.


Is there any chance that the factory explosion could have been sabotage by US agents? Or have I just watched too many spy movies? After all, things like that can and do happen where intelligence services are involved. Chavez and Iran are friendly, so perhaps CAVIM was covertly supplying ammunition through Iran that was ending up with insurgents in Afghanistan. Probably not true but certainly possible.


That’s a very Tom Clancy-esque scenario. If true, then I bet that it would have been possible from the comfort of Langley using a computer virus/worm like “Stuxnet” (of Iranian reactor sabotage fame) to burn out a heating or fuel system to cause a blow-up. Although I’m not sure what Cavim has to offer to the Iranians that Indumil can’t already manufacture… other than a clandestine source not readily traceable to Iran through physical material examination.


First, any black op has a real chance of being exposed and the US is extremely sensitive about this kind of op anywhere, but particularly in South America.

Second, why take the risk for something as ordinary as an ammunition plant. Venezuela has plenty of foreigh exchange from oil and ammo is really easy to buy on the world market.

Doing this as a black op as you suggest would be just silly! I’ll vote for too many spy movies—most of which are very, very silly.

Since Iran makes lots of ammo themselves, and there are lots of other suppliers, why would anyone want to ship from Venezuela!!!

Finally, these posts are wandering off topic.



If a former General states an opinion on a military subject then I’ll take it as coming from a very good source.

I know that Hollywood and reality are often vary far removed. That’s why I said “probably not true”. I am just the sort of person that thinks that for everything we see in the media we probably get less than 1/10th of the truth to the story.

To keep on topic with ammunition, I was suggesting as a clandestine source with no connection to Iran as DK Configuration mentioned.