CBC 7x57mm

Is this 7x57mm cartridge a blank, short range or what? It appears to be made from a reprocessed case…
Was it meant for military or civilian use?

Military blank.

Thanks Jon

Question on the funtion of this style of load:

As can be seen in Phil’s excellent (as usual) photo, the plastic “projectile” on this round is hollow and there is what I’ll assume to be some form of powder inside it. How does this design work in general to provide a “safe” blank function? Not a unique or new style for sure but always wondered about the “timing of things” having a powder charge in the “bullet” and the possible “Self Destruct” action intended to limit the range.


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Thanks for taking the time to pull down your blank. Very interesting. I was thinking the powder in the bullet was separated from the main charge as in:

(From HWS I in reference to .30 cal. blanks) “The powder charge was 10 grs. of E.C. blank in the case, with 5 grs. inside the paper bullet to insure its breakup upon leaving the bore.”

This to me seems to indicate the powder in the paper bullet is not ignited untill after leaving the muzzle or at least subsequent to ignition of the main charge and leaves me wondering what method of delay would allow this timing. On the other hand, I may be reading too much into this and it all goes off at once and the powder in the bullet helps break up the paper in the bore.

Your Brazilian blank’s plastic bullet would have to break up pretty good I would think before you didn’t have to worrry about “puttin’ someone’s eye out with that thing” at a good distance even if we assume the boat tail is for ease of assembly!

Any thoughts out there?



My thoughts are that the powder would all be consumed well before the bullet exited. The hollow shape and light weight of the bullet would result in a very low ballistic coefficient and that alone would prevent it from travelling any distance. But, any projectile is dangerous, even an ordinary card wad, and all blanks should be treated with care.


The cartridges are very common in Brasil. In reality was reloed by the factory Realengo. I shot a few for testing. In short the tips can hurt. disintegrate in 15 metres. I believe they were less letal. I have five with years of manufacturing distinctive.



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Do you mean that these were for use against riots?

I believe. There were rounds of 30-06 with wood projectiles made Realengo.