CBC question


To what countries would this have been exported?
Date of manufacture?


Should be Brazil, no idea how to read the code for date


Hi Bob,

It was made on Agust 8, 1992. “AS” is the year code for 1992, 1st “08” is the month and 2nd “08” is the day. “L-139” is the lot number.

I think that these boxes are marked “EXPORTAÇÃO” because by 1992 this box style was no longer used for sale in the Brazilian market, as it was replaced by a sealed plastic blister.




Hi Fede,
Thanks you for the information.
Based on the export stamp, what country/countries would this be destined for?
Bob R


I have seen examples in Argentina, but since this was their standard box I assume it was exported to other countries as well.


Bob, here is a late example of the 6.35 mm Browning package used by CBC for sales inside Brazil. Note that the date is not coded. Regards, Fede.


Thank you.