CBJ MS and 6.5x25 CBJ

because of copyright nothing could be reposted on this board. But great info and good photos.

Very interesting. I don’t buy the hype, but I would love a set of the cartridge variations. Is there any info on the headstamp, I didn’t see any on the website?

Sorry, I do not have any… I guess they are using 9mm Para cases (and possibly different).

This gun and cartridge have been around for a long time, although I have yet to see a specimen and don’t know if the rounds are headstamped at all. while the overall length of the cartridge is the same as the 9mm Para, the case length is not. It is not made from just any commercially available or surplus 9mm brass, although it could be made on some of the same machinery since it has the same head diameter. In a color picture I have of the round it appears almost like the case is aluminum, or perhaps nickel-plated. Can’t be sure of that though.

My first file reference to this gun and its round was an article by Charlie Cutshaw that appear in the February 2001 issue of “the Small Arms Review, Vol. 4 No. 5” pages 96 and 97. It also appeared in a publication called “Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement” in an article “First Look Swedish PDW” by Bob Pilgrim, pages 38, 39 and 41. Unfortunately, the pages aren’t dated and it is a copy of the article that was sent to me, so I don’t know what issue of that magazine the article was in.

Of course, the gun is much like an Uzi. Nothing much new there.

I was just reading an article while sifting thru the file writing the Forum answer, and I see that the case is Aluminum. It is so stated in an article by our friend Dr. Regenstreif, in ECRA Bulletin Number 452-11 from January 2003.

The round is based on a 9mm Winchester Magnum and is so headstamped, at this point anyways.

I was told that a full caliber projectile as well as blank and short range are in the works.

The ‘loaded’ round is a factory dummy without primer and without penetrator.

Interesting. The aluminum-cased version must have been a prototype. It is a photograph, not a drawing, so I can’t doubt its existance. Wonder if it had a headstamp at all?