Ccc 50/110

These 50/110 have CCC headstamp as shown.
I am guessing as Canyon Cartridge Company (1960-1970’s) vs Creedmoor.
Does someone have an example of CCC Creedmoor headstamp for comparison?
And what would be timeframe of production for Creedmoor 50/110?


It was made by Connecticut Cartridge Company/Corporation, Plainville, Connecticut.



Thank you Fede.
Looks like that one needs to be added to the IAA headstamp list.
And hopefully someone will post pics of Creedmoor (CCC) and Canyon Cartridge Company (CCC) so we can correctly identify items.

First is Canyon Cartridge Company. They only made pistol calibers.
Next are two Creedmoore headstamps. Note they used a period between the C’s as in C.C.C.


Appreciate it Curtis.

The packaging.