CCI .22 LR Stinger

As an avid 22 shooter since I was a kid, I find the thread very informative and interesting. I can remember when they were introduced and everyone had to have a box because they were “almost “ like shooting a 22mag in your rifle. However, they were expensive as I remember, maybe they were marked up because of production or limited availability. I just remember we thought they were best for rabbits or woodchucks. Thanks to all the contributors to the thread!

I guess this “rifle use only” warning is because pistol action is smaller and more fragile.

Interesting label. Is this a recent purchase? I bought some last fall and don’t think they have this warning.

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Asked Ken about this & his reply follows.

Pete: I have not seen this before and have no information about it. Stinger
has never before in over 40 years of production had such a limitation. The
fact that this strange warning in not part of the formal label, but just a
stick-on, after thought addition, strongly suggests a unique problem with a
given lot of ammunition (or possibly more) that was deemed unsuitable for
pistols and/or revolvers but safe and suitable for rifles. For what reason,
I can not imagine. Buff

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Yep, got it last weekend at a PA gun show.

Have two questions from Buff about this box which it seems you now own,

Pete: When looking closer at this photograph, it almost appears to me that
the shellcases were not nickel-plated. Especially so when the photo is
lightened up 30% so that the background is white as it probably was. ???

Pete: Do you know the owner of that box? I’d like to know the Lot Number
(might not be visible - they are usually on the side and might be covered by
the label) and whether or not the shellcases are nickel plated. Buff

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Lot number looks like DO4A211 on the side of the box. Let me know if anything else is needed. How to know about nickle? The rifle only label is a separate piece of paper from the main lebel.

Hi Vlad
Ken is talking about the case material is it brass or nickel-plated (silver colored).
It’s kind of hard to see which it is.

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Definitely silver.