CCI 9mm Luger Brass Case Headstamps

I’ve encountered seven different types of CCI 9mm Luger brass case headstamps.

I. Non-Speer

  1. Olin (Winchester-Western): Identified by the dot in the caliber and W-W nickel-plated primer.

  2. Federal: Like Federal-manufactured SPEER/I/BLAZER cases, identified by the dot at 9 o’clock.

II. Speer
An explaination is necessary here. Generally, the evolution of Speer-manufactured SPEER/CCI/I/BLAZER headstamps was closed loop 9/R/P’s to slightly open loop 9/R/P’s to open loop 9/R/P’s; and narrow lower case m’s to wide m’s. The CCI headstamps don’t follow that evolution exactly.

  1. Narrow m’s, slightly open loop 9’s and R’s, 60-grain variety.

  2. Wide m’s, closed loop 9, open R’s, 60-grain variety. Left example shows a particularly mangled headstamp with ridges around the outer edge and primer pocket.

  3. Wide m’s, open loop 9’s and R’s, 60-grain variety.

  4. Two-Dot: Like type 5 with two dots (.I.) to indicate 56-grain variety.

  5. Brass N R: By pure dumb luck, I stumbled on brass cases headstamped with the CCI non-reloadable (N R) bunter used for aluminum cases. Undoubtedly not meant to have gotten out of the factory, they are the 60-grain variety and do not have the interior shoulder found on the aluminum cases. Photo of brass case left, aluminum case right.

Again, wonderful work! The Blazer Aluminum headstamp on a brass case. Sounds like they installed the wrong bunter in the line for a bit. Would have been nice to find you had just bought a box of those.


Excellent work sir. Now let’s see your Winchester 9mm headstamps. :)