CCI Blazer 9x19mm Headstamp Variations


I have noted over the years the variations in the CCI Blazer headstamps. I just bought a new box of Blazer 9mm Luger and when I looked close the headstamp looked a bit different. It took a few minutes comparing it to my previous Blazer headstamp (from 2006) before I recognized the differences. The distance between the R at the end of the word “LUGER” and the R in the NR was shorter on the 2011 headstamp, and the Gs were a different shape. Finally and the most obvious was the 2006 R in “LUGER” was closed in the center and was open on the 2011 R so that it didn’t touch the vertical bar. Below the 2006 headstamp is on the right and the 2011 is on the left. Note the G is more rounded on the 2011 headstamp.

Here are the two Rs in more detail, but this time the 2011 is on the right and the 2006 is on the left.

The three earlier headstamps are pictured below from right to left
Narrow letters: Late 1980s
Rounded letters: 1990-1992
Large letters: 2000

These dates are only approximate and are when I obtained the cartridges.

Does anyone else have other variations on the Blazer headstamp?




There is only one funny guy I know who is studying these funny 9mm head stamps.
But I am a nice guy, so I will try to help a little.

Between the few 9mm I have, there is one with a black case and one with a cupper colored primer.

See you in Saint Louis




Your’s is a very early round. It has the narrow letters, but has the large diameter primer of the first Blazer production.

See you at SLICS!!!