CCI Blazer Dummy Rounds


One of the special “sets” of cartridges that I like to collect is the CCI Blazer aluminum cased cartridges. One of the groups that I’m collecting are the dummy rounds.

Question: Has anyone documented exactly how many different caliber/bullet types of dummy cartridges have been produced? I’ve only collected a few dummies and I’d like to know what other caliber/bullet types have been produced so I can add them to my list so that way I know what others to be on the look-out for. Those that I’ve collected so far are:

25AUTO 50FMJ(Flat Point)
9x19 115FMJ-FP
38SPL+P 125JHP
38SPL 148WC
38SPL 158LRN

I know that there are lots more out there, but I just don’t know which ones.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. And if there’s anyone who also collects the Blazer rounds, please feel free to contact me as I’m in need of other Blazer rounds including the Lead Free, Clean Fire, Cowboy & any other uncommon Blazer loads.

Thanks Much.


Leon - will try this one more time. I was well into the list and the thing disappeared from my screen.

Below are my auto pistol caliber CCI Blazer aluminum-cased dummies. I have no revolver rounds, as I don’t collect them, other than on a cartridge board from CCI which has 36 different dummy Blazer rounds in total on it.

I will probably be duplicating your list, but it is just too hard to type a list like the below and keep referring back to your list, and my black ink cartridge is so low I don’t want to print it out so I can refer to it.

I could not take the time right now to look up bullet weights. I will try to point out special features, if there are any, but not including things like primer, primer with hole in it, holes in cases, etc., unless they are needed to show the difference in two or more rounds I list.

Here’s what i have in my own collection:

.25 Auto:

No headstamp, FMJ FP
With headstamp, FMJ FP
With headstamp, FMJ RN HP

.380 Auto:


9 x 18mm Makarov:


9mm Largo:

FMJ RN with CN Bullet - very few made, using available European bullets

.40 S&W:

FMJ Truncated FP

.357 SIG:


10mm Auto:

No headstamp, GD HP
Headstamped, FMJ FN
Headstamped, GD HP

.45 Auto:

FMJ 230 Grain RN. Primer has a hole in it and clearly there is no anvil in the case.
FMJ 230 Grain. Case has anvil.
200 Grain HP
200 Grain HP - no primer at all

9mm Parabellum:

FMJ Flat Point with headstamp “N CCI R SPL”. One is tempted to say it is a .38 SPL ground-off bunter, but the "SPL is centered.
FMJ FP with large brass primer, normal headstamp
FMJ FP with smaller nickel primer, normal headstamp
FMJ HP (not Gold Dot)
FMJ FP - not nearly so pinted an ogive as early FP bullets
FMJ RN - case anodized pale green
FMJ RN - case anodized dark blue, hole in primer cup
FMJ RN - case anodized lighter blue, no hole in primer cup
FMJ RN - case anodized blue, red primer
FMJ RN - case anodized blue, black primer
FMJ RN - case anodized blue, gold primer (not just brass - colored gold)
FMJ RN - case anodized blue, pale green primer
FMJ RN - no primer cup or primer pocket. Wide recess in head with headstmap around only the narrow raised portion of the head.
FMJ FP - headstamp 12 O’Clock and 6 O’Clock positions "SEL 90"
FMJ RN - headstamped from about 8 O’Colck to 4 O’Clock position “SEL 91”

As far as I can tell from a quick look, the above represent all of the CCI dummy rounds I have in my own collection. I am looking for a CCI Dummy round in .32 Auto, if they ever made one.

John Moss