CCI Speer Lawman RHT .45 GAP 53396 frangible

In the past I had seen vague references to this, and had wondered if it was just a catalogue-listed item from the manufacturer which never really went into retail packaging, or much production, but I have finally found an image (a bad one) of the box for the Lawman RHT .45 GAP frangible with index number 53396. It seems that it has been in the Speer ATK law enforcement catalog for several years, but is only ever available as 1000rd cases, and essentially only to the sparse law enforcement customers who order it. The bullet is 140gr, and so it is different than the 155gr RHT frangible used in the .45acp. The image below however is of 3 boxes which were listed on Armslist over 1 year ago. I see a couple places online presently offering it for sale, (1000rd cases only) but those are just law-enforcement-only distributors who are listing the entire Winchester an/or Speer L.E. catalog stuff.

Has anyone ever seen any of these? As far as I know, this is the only production-scale .45 GAP which I don’t have.

What does RHT stand for?

Reduced Hazard Training, as in less ricochet due to the frangible bullet, and being lead-free for indoor shooting health, etc.

Ah sooo, thanks Matt

FYI I still look for this for ya Matt, but down my way the GAP never really caught on. The one time I requested it during a demo for my agency, all they brought was Lawman TMJ and Gold Dot.

After months of on & off Google searches, I finally found a Law Enforcement distributor with this Lawman .45GAP RHT frangible in-stock, who was willing to sell single boxes of 50 to a civilian. It was at GT Distributors, and they still list it as in stock:

The box came today, and it is the typical Speer / Federal Lawman RHT green box except for the end-flap print. Like many 50rd .45GAP boxes, it is actually a re-purposed .45acp box, meaning it is a little squished in places due to the cartridges not firming up the inside of the box as much - still a decent (and rare) box. The weak printing on the end-flap is pretty typical of these, and the headstamp is a known Speer headstamp, the same as their FMJ .45GAP in Lawman (blue box), but the primer has the CF stamp for “cleanfire” (nontox). I also like that the 140gr frangible bullet is unique to this caliber, and not just a re-used 155gr from their .45acp RHT.

close-up of the end-flap:

Congratulations on finally finding this ammo! I know that you’ve been looking for this ammo from a while now. Persistence payed off.