CD of previous journals from 1955 - 2010: list of vol. numbers by year


Not sure if this is the right place to post this or if it is appropriate to do so. Please move or delete as necessary.

A few months back I purchased the CD of previous journals from 1955 - 2010. The index that accompanies the back catalog references to the individual volume number. However, the issues are stored in year specific folders on the CD. As such, you have to ‘guess’ which year contains the issue you are looking for.

To resolve this issue I created a simple table that presents the journal issues by year and it saves me a lot of time. I thought I would share it here for any of you who might have use for it. I’m also happy for this to be included with future copies of the CD and will gladly share the Excel file used to create the pdf I have posted below.

IAA Journal List.pdf (395.9 KB)

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Mayhem; Very nice, thanks.

Under the Membership & Journal link at the top of the page & then on the right side of that page is a link to download an index of all the journals.

You can use it to find articles by the author or by the subject as it gives the journal and the page numbers.

I believe it’s updated with each issue.

You are correct Pete and that is the index that is on the CD.

The index refers to the journal number and page number (e.g. 436/34). However, the journals are inside year specific folders on the CD, so if you don’t know which year journal 436 was published you have to start opening folders until you get to the one you are looking for.

The table I produced links the two, so you can quickly see that journal 436 was published in 2004, making it a little easier to find the information you are searching for.

Very good, thanks

It’s a good idea to have the folders on the CD named like “1982 (308-313)” this is what I have done on my HDD and it then has a built in index - no need for the pdf.

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I found it easy to just download the DVD info onto my hard drive for faster access and did so by year in the first place. A quick hotlink from the indexes would really be useful but that is a lot of work. However any way that works for the user is enabled by these DVD files of older journals of great information. At $50 plus shipping, they are a great resource for IAA members

Always good to see how others tackle the same issue. More than one way to skin a cat.

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