Centurion 12ga Mexican/Italian manufacturer? +Cheddite?

I have been following the recent production of the centurion 2" and 2.25" mini shells pretty closely this past year and I have a few variations now in terms of hulls, headstamps, boxes, labels, etc… My question is what Italian manufacturer is loading these for Centurion (Aguila). I know that Centurion is just Aguila’s U.S. office, but the hulls and boxes all say “Made in Italy” on them, and so I assume Fiocchi is loading these? The headstamps which I had always seen were the 12 * 12 * 12 * 12 * type with clear hulls, but just recently I picked up some that had red hulls and had Cheddite headstamps. Still said “Made in Italy” on the hulls and boxes. So would Fiocchi be loading Mexican/American 12ga on French hulls for North American distribution?

It could be Fiocchi or Cheddite (Italy and not France)