Cerpelli Patent Shotshells


I’m submitting the attached photos on behalf of an IAA member.

The headstamp reads “BREV. O. CERPELLI CAL 16” (12, 20 on the other 2), and I assume this is a reference to a patent by Signor Cerpelli though I am not familiar with it.

On the top rim (mouth) of the shotshell on all 3 is written CARTUCCIA LUBRIFICANTE.

I could guess that it is either one of those odd shotshells intended to be fired at the end of a day’s sport by lazy shooters who don’t want the hassle of cleaning and oiling their shotgun OR it contains a load of premium olive oil which, when fired, brings down the bird, removing all feathers and preparing said bird for the rotisserie, all in one shot, so to speak ?

A sensible response would be appreciated !!!

Chris P.


you are right, it is a lubrificating ctge to clean the gun at the end of an hunting day
it is a 1954 patent


Thanks JP. Not often I’m right about a shotshell !!!

I would have thought that shards of colored plastic inside a shotgun action wouldn’t be popular ?

Chris P.


These type of shotshells are also known from Raika of Finland.
Specially after a day hunting with black powder it is very welcome to fire one or two of these rounds.
They are simply loaded with some sort of gun cleaning oil.


And from Fiocchi in Italy



As far as I’m concerned these Italian shotshells are now loaded with olive oil and pasta pieces.

Well, the propellant used in 6.5 Carcano ammunition looks like little macaronis.


And from Cartoucherie Francaise also


Here is the box by Orazio Cerpelli:

And French patent:


Thanks Fede - great info!
Chris P.