CHAA .375 Flanged Magnum

Who manufactured a .375 Flanged Magnum case headstamped “CHAA .375”?

The primer pocket on this case also appears to have been deliberately deformed to prevent use of the case. Why is this?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Falcon - I doubt anyone could tell you positively why a primer pocket is deformed on any given case.

The CHAA headstamp is that of Custom Hunting, Ammo & Arms, inc., of Howell, Michigan. They were in business from 1992 until the time that I received the information and made a file for them. Unfortunately and stupidly, on my part, I don’t know when that was. The turned brass cases were evidently actually made on contract by Red Willow Tool & Armory, Inc., Montana. Sold by CHAA as loaded ammunition under the brand name “SUPERIOR AMMUNITION.”

Your case may be empty because it was somehow damaged in either the manufacturing process, or the loading process. Purely speculation on my part.

Information in my files originated courtesy of George Kass.

Thanks for the info John - Yet another one solved by the forum.

Perhaps the case was a quality control reject that was due to be scrapped and had the pocket deformed to prevent it being loaded.