Chaco War: Remington Ammunition for Bolivia 1933-34

Here is a very interesting report of ammunition supplied to Bolivia through the Curtiss-Wright Export Co. by British merchants Edward A. Ashton and John W. Webster, representatives of Remington.

There is some information about Chile???.

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Fede, Many thanks. I had no data regarding US 9mmP sales to Bolivia during this period. It stands to reason that all the major manufacturers would have been involved. The well known GB headstamped rounds by DWM are well known. They were purchased in quantity by the UK in the very early days of WWII when the UK was seeking 9mmP anywhere they could find it. There is a note about this ammo being withdrawn from service that also mentions the HP loads headstamped “P * *” and “P * 1934 *” loaded in the HP facility in Dordrecht in Holland. Both have Spanish labels and almost certainly were also supplied to Bolivia and obtained by the UK along with the GB headstamped rounds.

I wonder who else supplied 9mmP ammo, or any kind of SAA, to the two parties during the Chaco War?

Your document is the first indication I have of the quantities of 9mmP bought by Bolivia. They must have had quite a lot of Machine Pistols to consume these quantities of ammo.

There is also an interesting Western 9mmP box from this period and I now suspect that it was also supplied to one or the other parties in this war.

The Dutch and German made ammo has Spanish labels. Has anyone seen Remington labels in Spanish that may be from this war. All I have seen are the “commercial” Remington labels with both English and Spanish on the back.

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Lew - if the Western Box you mentioned is the one I think it is : ) I would have thought it would be from
the WWII period from the headstamp style. I forget - is there a date code or lot number on that box that would tell the date of manufacture?

Lew, I’m glad this document is of your interest. The Du Pont company policy was to sell ammunitions to both sides, but Paraguay received only a small commercial order of 100,000 .38 Colt Special cartridges. The British sold large quantities of ammunition to both sides

Other companies involved include DWM, FN, HP, Kynoch, Manurhin, Raufoss, Winchester and Zbrojovka Brno, and except for the US and British firms all other used unique headstamps. Most of these products were delivered through England and Argentina.

These are Winchester’s sales to Bolivia:

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John, That is the box. The date code on the box indicates it was loaded in 1935. The pictures of this box, and a long and involved Forum discussion, is at:

According to a couple of sources, Bolivia had Suomi M26 (7.65mmPara) and (Suomi M31) machine pistols during the Chaco war. The Suomi M31 is the earliest use I can find of the use of a 9x19mm cartridge with a 115gr bullet. It makes sense that this production could have been for the Bolivian M31s. On the other hand, Fede’s post above shows no Winchester 9mm going to Bolivia, but this would have gone as Western/Olin ammunition.

Not many users of 115gr 9x19mm ammo in 1935, and if this ammo had gone to Finland, with the active collectors there, we would have seen more of it by now.

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