Chap-Chur Charge

Any ideas at all?? Nonmagnetic, brass, rattle inside a bit and .250" diameter. One end seems to have a machined disc cupped over in place.


Is the disc spring loaded???

Yes, they are.

I’m only guessing, but they remind me of a part for some sort of cupboard door latch. Anyone else have better information??

Well thanks John, maybe that’s all they are. I will take them to my local hardware store and find out.


My gues is that these items are loadings for animal sedation injection needles.

Spring pressure is very light. 1/4 as much as a ball point click pen.


I have worked with a lot of different animal sedation equipment from various manufactures and these are totally new to me if they are related to chemical immobilization. Super interesting!


This one is 100% positively identified as a Chap-Chur Charge.

This is from the Cap-Chur manual:
“Instructions for the transport of ‘Power Loads’ and ‘Cap Chur Charges’. Power Loads (fire charges) and Cap Chur Charges (piston charges) are small ignition cartridges containing a very small quantity of detonating powder. They can exclusively be used in the Cap Chur gun, which serves for the firing of hypodermic syringes to anaesthetize animals which are wild or hard to seize. Power Loads are used for the discharge of hypodermic syringes by means of the Extra Long Range Protector. Cap Chur charges in the piston of the syringe, so that the injection liquid is expelled.”

In the same manual the Cap Chur Charges are also described as Ejectors. "When the needle penetrates the skin there is an slow down. The firing pin ignites the detonation charge and the explosion drives the syringe poiston forwards. The injection fluid will be driven out in a fraction of a second."
Three types are available:

  • for syringes of 1 to 4 centiliters (cc)
  • for 4 to 10 cc
  • for 15/20 cc

There is no identification of the diffirent charges given.
There are 4 different Power Loads. They look like rimfire blanks, but with colored closings to identify the different loadings.

Cap Chur Equipment was a part of Palmer Chemical and Equipment Co. Inc.

These type of weapons have been used by Dutch police forces to sedate animals, but it was very rarely.

That definitely fits the bill EMZ

This may help:

Joe, I also agree with the identification given by EMZ. Here is a scan from a Palmer catalog dated September 1976, and also a close-up picture showing a charge of recent manufacture. Best, Fede.



OK! Thanks a million guys, that’s it for certain. Very good information! I was still thinking to take it down to the hardware store.


DSCN7151 DSCN7155 DSCN7156
I recently found some more of these while going through a bucket of scrap ammunition, thought I would share -

I used to have some of these Cap-Shur guns. The detonators are loaded into the projectile (an aluminum syringe body with a needle at one end) embedded in a rubber plug. The spring-loaded “piston” end is forward. When the syringe impacts the animal the “piston” (which has a little firing pin on it) is driven into the detonating charge by inertia (that is, the syringe stops and the pin doesn’t, and BANG!) The drug is thereby injected into the animal.


Not sure if the image was properly displayed, I will try again.


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