Charles "Jack" Wells RIP

I am very sad to inform the group of the recent passing of our good friend Jack Wells. I don’t know any more details at this time, but Jack will be greatly missed.

Very sad to hear! What a loss to our community!
Jack was a great guy and I will really miss him!

My thoughts are with his wife and family.

Many years back, 1993 comes to mind, Jack and I had tables next to each other in the “basement” at Chicago…my oldest son, 5 years old at the time, was with me; James brought home a lot of freebies courtesy of Jack. Jack was at SLICS in 2014, as were both my sons…Jack and James spent some time reminiscing…

R.I.P., Sergeant Major…


My long standing trading partner of twenty five years.
I will never forget you my friend.

Rest In Peace

Dave Rayner

The sad news hit me. Unfortunately I never met Jack, but from the communication we had too many years ago I see him as a true friend and real gentleman. R.I.P


R.I.P. Soldier. Jack was a true Southern Gentleman who welcomed me with open arms years ago when I was in the area on a business trip. We had talked and traded before, Pre-Internet, and what a treat it was to see his collection and hear some great stories. Sadly, although I moved to his home state only a few years ago, I never was able to make the 2.5 hour trip to Fayetteville to see him again. I suspected his health was failing as our communication became more sporadic… Jack served his country with honor and I am sure the soldiers at Ft. Bragg will accord him every honor at his internment…

A sad day today, losing a friend and 4 fellow Marines in a terrorist attack in Tennessee…


If you were to search, gentleman, Christian, Patriot, Viet Nam vet, 7.62 x 39 collector or someone who I was honored to share my birth day with (4/15)…you would see Jack’s photo. I missed him the last couple SLICS (but he never missed sending birthday wishes)

He’s in my IAA HOF (Hall of Fame)

I would say God Bless…but I know he was.


Sad news, Jack was a rare character.

I have never met him in person but have always heard what a great, kind man he was. Sucks when the world looses great humans like, Jack. Sending non-stop, positive prayers and vibes to him, his family and all of his many friends.


Rest In Peace Soldier, You was one of my 7.62x39 mentors, I will miss you very much.

Jack grew up up on the southeast North Carolina coast in a town called Kure Beach which is right next door to a civil war battlefield area at Fort Fisher. As a kid, he and friends usd to hunt for artifacts around the battlefield. I understand that he had quite a collection of civil war era ordnance and was quite knowledgeable in this subject. It was not my area of interest, so i never asked much about it…


He was also into digging up shore fossils and shark teeth! He met my very little (at the time) daughter at the Morgantown/Denver show and she expressed an interest in old sharks teeth. A few weeks later a box of about 15 pounds of them showed up at the door!

Shore fossils and shark teeth are my new hobby, since moving to coastal NC… I shall carry on in Jack’s memory…


He was a neat guy, I’ll will miss him.

Rest in Peace Sgt. Maj.

RIP Jack. Sorry I can’t add much more.