Chaudun "11mm" pinfire

Finally found a better example of this cartridge.

I previously had an excavated example that I was pretty sure said 11 on it but was not 100% positive. It was recovered right outside Bunker Hill, WV in a Confederate camp from the American Civil War.

But this new one confirms it is indeed an 11. Also, there is an “M” marking. @jeanpierre is this a similar marking like the 4,7 and 12 on the shotshells? will it help date it? I think this has got to be probably about one of the very earliest metallic pinfire cartridges. He also made it in a 9mm:


hello Aaron
the M is for millimeter
the ctge you show was made by Chaudun (the father) who made ctges from 1841 till end of 1860.
After it was Chaudun & Deriviere in 1861

Your ctge is late production of Chaudun because there is no adress on it


Nice pics Aaron


Super headstamp, thanks for sharing.