Check your collection for a Mylonas Rifle cartridge


You really need a big amount of information at hand to clearly identify many cartridges that LOOAK ALIKE a .43 Egyptian Remington (c. 48 to 51 mm case) or a 11 mm Beaumont Rifle (c. 50 to 52 mm). UMC boards sometimes show the same cartridge known as .43 Egyptian Remington under the denomination “.43 Holland Government Rifle” and sometimes as the “.43 Greek”. However a different and unique “.43 Greek” cartridge really existed and was chambered in the Francotte made Mylonas M. 1872 rifle. These are the chamber cast dimensions of an specimen of that rifle: case lenght: 2.035" (51,70 mm); Body Lenght: 1.393" (35,40 mm); Neck lenght: .385" (9,80 mm); Rim diam: .673" (17,10 mm); head diam: .576" (14,65 mm); shoulder diam: .557" (14,15 mm); mouth diameter: .486" (12,36 mm); bullet diam: .444" (11,30 mm). Some collectors claim to have and specimen of this cartridge and I’ll be glad to see a picture of it and it’s real dimensions.

Thank you all,
Federico Graziano.