Checklist of companies using NAS3 9 mm cases


Since more and more companies are loading NAS3 9 mm cases made by Shell Shock Technologies, here is checklist of them for future reference. Soon, they will be adding 5.56x45, 7.62x51, .45 Auto, .40 S&W and .380 Auto cases, so this list will became much more complicated.

  • Alsa Pro s.r.o. / Robin Šebo, Czech Republic (AP RS)
  • American Reserve Munitions LLC (ARM+P -black head- and LTA)
  • Ammo Texas LLC (Omega Ammunition) (?)
  • Anderson Arms, Inc. (AA)
  • Bite The Bullet LLC (S3)
  • Center Mass Ammunition, LLC (?)
  • Chesapeake Cartridge Corp. (C3)
  • Creedmoor Sports, Inc. (SST and S3)
  • Diamond Ammunition, Inc. (?)
  • Fallout Ammunition LLC (S3)
  • Fenix Ammunition LLC (S3)
  • Force Kinetics LLC (S3)
  • G9 Bullets, LLC (S3 and G9+P -black head-)
  • girlSHOT, LLC (S3)
  • Grand Prix Guns, LLC (Warhorse Firearms of the Rockies) (S3)
  • Green Country Ammo LLC (S3)
  • Hailey Ordnance Co. (?)
  • High Point Manufacturing LLC (American Bullet) (SST)
  • Hyperion Munitions, Inc. (S3)
  • International Cartridge Corp. (ICC Ammo) (S3)
  • L-Tech Enterprises, Inc. (L-Tech Ammunition) (SST, S3 and LTA)
  • Maker Ammo LLC (LTA)
  • Modern Defense LLC (S3)
  • Oak Island Shooting Sports LLC (AA)
  • Sim-X Tactical Solutions, Inc. (?)
  • Spark Enterprises LLC (Blackwater Precision) (S3)
  • T.A.C. Munitions, LLC (S3)
  • The People’s Ammo, LLC (S3)
  • Timberghost Tactical, LLC (NovX) (NOVX+P)
  • Velocity Munitions, Inc. (VM)





Great list. Do you know which of these have/had their own headstamps?

Do any of the members know which of these have their own headstamps on these cases?

I will check mine and post them also.

How about the color of the case heads?



Hi Lew, here is a list of headstamps. Also, I edited my previous post and added each headstamp at the end of the company’s name.

  • AA = Anderson Arms, Inc.; Oak Island Shooting Sports LLC (*)
  • AP RS = Alsa Pro s.r.o. (loader) / Robin Šebo (IPSC shooter), Czech Republic
  • ARM+P = American Reserve Munitions LLC
  • C3 = Chesapeake Cartridge Corp.
  • G9+P = G9 Bullets, LLC
  • LTA = American Reserve Munitions LLC; L-Tech Enterprises, Inc. (L-Tech Ammunition); Maker Ammo LLC
  • NOVX+P = Timberghost Tactical, LLC (NovX)
  • S3 = Bite The Bullet LLC; Creedmoor Sports, Inc.; Fallout Ammunition LLC; Fenix Ammunition LLC; Force Kinetics LLC; G9 Bullets, LLC; girlSHOT, LLC (blue head); Grand Prix Guns, LLC (Warhorse Firearms of the Rockies); Green Country Ammo LLC, Hyperion Munitions, Inc., International Cartridge Corp. (ICC Ammo); Modern Defense LLC, L-Tech Enterprises, Inc.; Spark Enterprises LLC (Blackwater Precision); T.A.C. Munitions, LLC; The People’s Ammo, LLC.
  • SST = Creedmoor Sports, Inc.; High Point Manufacturing LLC (American Bullet); L-Tech Enterprises, Inc.
  • VM = Velocity Munitions, Inc.
  • Unknown = Ammo Texas LLC (Omega Ammunition); Center Mass Ammunition, LLC; Diamond Ammunition, Inc.; Hailey Ordnance Co.; Sim-X Tactical Solutions, Inc.

(*) Anderson Arms, Inc. may have loaded their own ammunition using these cases before the production was leased to Oak Island Shooting Sports LLC.

Also, there are cases with colored heads having no headstamp, but they are only shown in Shell Shock Technologies promotional pictures.

Additions are most welcome.




On the Force Kinetics boxes that I have they are S3 headstamps. Those date from when they first made them available on their website. No idea if they have changed since then.


Thanks! List updated.


The ARM+P loads have a black head.

American Reserve also made rounds with the LTA headstamp

Finally, there are a set of early prototype unheadstamp cases that were never sold commercially but American Bullet made some sets of these into demo dummies. I believe there are at lease 8 different colors of this unheadstamped case.

There is also an SST case with a red head! I do not know who it was made for.

Has anyone got a copy of the C3 headstamp?



Lew, thanks for the additional information. I also added SST for Creedmoor.


As Fede mentioned in his opening post regarding the Shell Shock Technologies, NAS3 9mm cases, that other case types are in the works.

I received a picture yesterday from SST showing their 5.56 head stamp to be used on production cases due out by mid-April. I’m unable to forward a copy but here are the details.

S3 at 12 o’clock
1 at 9 o’clock
8 at 3 o’clock
5.56x45 at 6 o’clock


Some 5.56 cases are out with some of the ammunition loaders who are selling 9x19mm rounds who are working up their loads for 5.56mm. We should see some of these on the market in the next few months.



I just added two more companies but don’t have information about the headstamp used.

  • Diamond Ammunition, Inc.
  • Hailey Ordnance Co.


One more:

  • Ammo Texas LLC (Omega Ammunition)

No information about the headstamp, but they are offering cases in a new “all brass” looking in both 9 mm and .380 Auto.





More new calibers using these cases. There is also a .300 Blk not shown in these pictures.




Ooo, when that 300 blackout case hits the market there will be a good number of new headstamps as a bunch of small to mid level manufacturers jump at the chance to be part of a new and much hyped thing for their brand to latch onto.


Uh…is Omega Ammunition’s box art showing a complete cartridge flying through the air?


Another update:

  • Hyperion Munitions, Inc. (S3)


It certainly looks like the entire cartridge is in flight. That’s funny!



  • Modern Defense LLC (S3)


Right?? I know everyone has seen a company or something shoot the whole cartridge, but when you actually market ammunition…that’s a dumb thing to do


Lots of trademarks have silly things on them - dogs with wings,
animals and other subjects that don’t exist, art work that in general
doesn’t seem to relate to anything. All for visual impact in advertising.
As they sometimes say, "don’t mean nuthin’ ".

john m.


Update (unknown headstamp).

  • Sim-X Tactical Solutions, Inc.

They don’t seem to offer loaded cartridges using these cases at the moment, but they had dummies (no primer) at the last SHOW Show.