Checklist of companies using NAS3 9 mm cases

Here is a look at the G9+P headstamp, from a recent box of G9 124gr SCHP with P-REX bullets from Maker Bullets.


Update: Liberty Ammunition Ultra-Light (unknown headstamp).

Nice round but it has the generic “S3” headstamp.


Thanks for the update!

Is there a cutaway or diagram of these projs. available?

And will these cycle?

Stumbled across Zinc Point Ammunition today out of Miami. The SST cases they show are “S3” headstamed. They also seem to run a cheap plinking ammo brand called “Still American” as well.

The Zinc Point boxes appear to be going with a Jamaican flag motif:

Thanks Matt, I didn’t know they were using NAS3 cases. There was an earlier “Zinc Point” brand ammunition made by Zinc Point Co. (now abbandoned), but this one is made by Still American, LLC.



Update: Velocity Manufacturing Co., LLC (Fort Scott Munitions). Announced in 2018 but apparently never commercialized.

If I had to guess then I would say that Fort Scott might not have been satisfied with projectile stability of solid copper when loaded into the stiff SST cases. I had noticed that some of the American Reserve “Counterstrike” EHP monolithic copper bullets were not seated at the same depth, and some of them were loose in the SST cases they used. I wonder if the SST cases are conducive to monolithic solid copper bullets in general when being seated in place?

Update: Sentinel Precision, Inc. (“No-Nonsense Ammo”) (unknown headstamp).

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Update: S&M Ammunition, Eastland, Texas.