Chess piece cartridges


I just came across this website which does a chess set made of cartridges:



It says they are solid turned brass and aluminium.

From the website

[quote]Chessammo Pieces are made from

   Solid Brass

   Solid Aluminum

   Heights are from 1” to just over 3”

   9mm – Pawn,  50AE - Rook, 

   454 Casull – Knight,  7.62x39 – Bishop,  45-70 Queen,  30-06 – King[/quote]


An interesting choice of cartridges. And should be even more interesting when checking in for that flight to Detroit. Taking it along for a little in-flight game. I don’t think so!



I bet Rick has 37mm’s as pawns on his chess board.


I don’t know who identified the Bishops as 7.62x39’s, but they sure are not. They look more line 5.56x45’s to me.




Ron’s right, those are .223s.


Hmmmm! Dummy caratridges made for a commercial purpose - definitely collectable. Now I have to consider if it would be worth 55.00 bucks or so to buy a set to get four cartridges for my collection, and a bunch of dupes. This stuff never ends!

John Moss



Note that you can buy JUST the cartridges for $30.


Didn’t notice that. Might be a go. That’s less than ten bucks apiece for a dummy cartridge for the four that would fit my own collection - about St. Louis prices for fairly common but exotic cartridges. Fortunately, there are lots of pawns in the set and I know a few guys who will pay me handsomely for those beautiful, highly exotic, solid brass and aluminum, experument CIA cartridges disguised as a Chess Set to fool Darth Vader and his band.

I think before I order, I’ll have another rum and coke!

John Moss


The site says that individual cartridges may be purchased. About .80 cents to 2.00 each!!!
Click on replacement cartridges ! M. Rea


Well, the neck on the 30-06 (or Cal .30) is way too short so . . .

C’mon guys, they aren’t real! They’re not dummies. They’re chess pieces. It’s OK if you want to collect them as a sideline of your hobby, but let’s not get into details.




Actually, I was not kidding. They ARE dummy cartridges, and made for a commercial purpose by a manufacturing company, as opposed to something just turned out at home on someone’s lathe for his own use. That makes them a Legitimate “cartridge.” Now, whether to collect or not is everyone’s own decision. Many dummy rounds are not made to ever see the inside of a firearm’s mechanism - for example, dummies made for the production of advertising material such as cartridge boards, or dummies made for supply to the box maker for proper fit of the required numbers of cartridges. The latter are often made of solid material in the “small project” shops of ammunition factories, or sub-contracted out by ammunition factories.

Since I am a single-type collector, autopistol cartridges, and don’t generally collect even dates, I do collect every variiation of cartridges representing the auto pistol/SMG case types (I am having trouble deciding what to do with PDW cartridges if there is no actual pistol made for them as well as the PDW), so one way or another, the 9mm “Pawn” and the other pistol caliber, which slips my mind at the moment, will be added to my collection. If I was a general collector, or collected just military rounds like some auto pistol cartridge collectors do, I would NOT collect them. However, I am not - I enjoy the commercial rounds every bit as much as the military.

John Moss


The photos have .223 but the sets come with 7.62x39. I emailed them and asked


speaking of chess sets…I was thinking about making a topic about this but hadn’t yet…

I would like to find a complete set of old civil war carved bullets that are carved into chess pieces. I see a few on ebay and other sites occasionally.

A board with those on it would look great in my office.

Anyone have any idea where to pick some up at?

Or does anyone have pictures of some nice ones?



Was anything done to the pieces to make it obvious whos side they were on? I would think a game of chess with all lead coloured pieces would soon get confusing.



Sorry, I was talking about the carved Civil War bullet chess sets.