Chicagoland 1992 commemorative box

This is way before my time, but may bring some memories to others. What is the last name after “Doug”? It is scratched and is unreadable.

It’s Doug Culver.

Doug, Bob, and George put on the Chicagoland Show for awhile. Just as with St. Louis, there were some great times, great shows, great people and a lot of good memories. I started going to the Show when it was in Mundelein. Those shows, and the contact with the folks who attended them, are among the most precious memories of my own life, and I am sure many others feel the same. We all owe the guys who did all the work to bring these venues to us a big round of THANKS!!!

Like John, I have great memories of the Chicagoland shows, from the Motel venues to the wonderful old Drake Oakbrook hotel. Many years of great friends and great finds. That is where I first met people like Bill Woodin and Fred Datig. Doug and Bob and George were some of the “BIG” collectors that us beginners held in awe. None of these three had any interest in 9mm P, but all three have-over the years, given me stunning 9mm that they ran across in the course of collecting. One I got from Bob Strauss is a German WWII steel case ball round with a knurl around the case, under the case lacquer. He found it in Europe when he was looking for some stuff, probably 40 years ago. New condition, clearly original, and I have never seen or heard of another!

Thanks Vlad! You brought back some great memories of some fine people.