Chinese 10.5mm experimental cartridge


10.5mm cartridge compared with 12.7×108mmIMG_20181109_222100


And I measured this cartridge. I hope it could be helpfulIMG_20181109_221009


Magnum, thanks a lot for the measurements!

Is the bullet jacket brass and no soft iron?

Neat to see, thanks

Thank your for the excellent measurements of case and bullet. Do you know the bullet weight?

Brass clad steel jacket

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I’am sorry,I don’t have any instrument to measure the weight

This is the pic I am looking for a long time!

I believe this was developed in the mid-late 1960 to either as the replacement or supplementary the 12.7x108mm for heavy machine gun. The bullet suppose to have higher velocity. It suppose to be easily re-chambered in the existing Type 54 (licensed build DShk-M) by a barrel swap. The issue is that with 10.5 caliber the Dushka’s rate of fire jumped to over 1000 rpm. The ballistics is not enough of an improvement to warranted a caliber change. The project was shelved in the early 1970s and before the Type 77 HMG came into service, which I think it could have been a viable caliber for the new direct gas operated HMG.


Hi JPeelen,Bullet weight:28.9g.
I provided data in this topic:

Thank you for that.