Chinese 12.7x108 DBT10 sniper round

As usual while searching for something else in the Chinese language section of the internet I came across this 12.7x108 DBT10 sniper cartridge. Thought some of you may like to see it.

Thanks for posting that. Is there any data on it (bullet structure and weight, muzzle velocity/barrel length)?

Tony, unfortunately not.
There is a whole row of new Chinese 12.7x108 I wish I knew more about.

I’d be interested in hearing about any new rounds, even if it’s just the designations!

There is a duplex and also an exposed core AP resembling the Anthena design, just with a smooth surface and no edges. I think we had both covered here in brief.
I do not recall the designations.

Assuming my translation of internet sources is correct, the DBT-10 cartridge is described as having a dedicated sniper bullet weighing 46g (710gr) bullet and has a muzzle velocity of 820m/s (2690f/s). I’ve also come across a DBJ-10 cartridge (with a black tip) which is described as an anti-material round with AP, incendiary and fragmentation properties. Velocity is stated as 840 m/s (2756 f/s).

The Chinese 12.7mm QBU-10 sniping rifle has a 31” barrel.


Thanks Dave.

Interesting information, thanks guys.